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The data controller is AVM srl Assistenza Vendita Macchine per Lamiera, represented by Flavio Panini, who can be contacted by email ( or phone (+39 059573033 )

By using this site and its tools, you authorise processing of your personal data as established by this Privacy Policy.

If you have any doubts or questions concerning use of your personal data, please contact us and will be glad to help you.

Please be informed that all data provided to the staff of AVM srl through the website, by phone or in other manners, will be used by our organisation only for the purposes relating to the activities you have requestedand to any associated activities, such as for instance compliance with the tax and accounting regulations.

The data provided will be handled in compliance with Legislative Decree n°196, June 30 2003  “Personal Data Protection Code” published in Official Gazette n° 174 of July 29, 2003 – Ordinary Supplement n° 123 and the more recent Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament

No piece of information you provide will be disclosed to third parties for commercial or other purposes unless disclosure is necessary for supplying the service you have requested. In this event, disclosure will only be possible after you have explicitly given your authorisation (such as in the case of participation to events organised with the cooperation of other organisations).

Data Controller

The Data Controller is AVM SRL, that can be contacted at the following addresses:

AVM srl
Via Don G. Andreoli, 55
I-41043 Formigine (Mo), Italy
Tel.: +39 059573033
Mob.: +39 3357230439
Fax: +39 0599789617

Table of contents

  1. Definition of the terms used in this Privacy Policy
  2. The principals of data protection we have adopted
  3. Your rights relating to processing of personal data
  4. Which personal data we collect from our users
  5. How we use your personal data
  6. Who can access your personal data
  7. Which security precauzioni we adoro to protect your data
  8. Information on cookies
  9. Contact information


Personal Information – means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
Processing – means any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data.
Data Subject – means a natural person, the personal data of which are in some manner processed.
Child – a natural person under the age of 16.

Principles of Data Protection

AVM SRL undertakes to follow the Data Protection Principles set forth below:

  • Processing of your data is lawful, fair and transparent. We process your data in accordance to the provisions of the law. We take your rights into account before handling your data in any manner. When we receive any enquiry, we are willing to provide information on how we process your data.
  • Processing of your data is always restricted by the purpose for which you provided it. No more no less.
  • We collect and process as few pieces of information possible, namely only the information needed to provide the service requested or for purposes relating to our website.
  • We keep and process data only for the time necessary and, in any case, until the user withdraws his/her consent.
  • We will do our best to ensure accuracy of data.
  • We will use all endeavours to ensure integrity and confidentiality of data.

Rights of the Data Subject

The data subject has the following rights:

  1. Right to information – you have the right to know whether your personal data is being processed; which data is being collected, how, where and by whom it is processed.
  2. Right to access – you have the right to access the data we collect about you and that concerns you. This includes the right to ask for and obtain a copy of the data collected.
  3. Right to rectification – you have the right to obtain from the controller the rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data.
  4. Right to erasure – in certain circumstances, you have the right to obtain erasure of personal data from our databases.
  5. Right to restriction of processing – in certain circumstances, you have the right to obtain restriction of processing.
  6. Right to object to processing – in certain circumstances, you have right to object to processing of your personal data, as in the case of some cases of direct marketing for instance.
  7. Right to object to automated handling – you have the right to object to automated processing, including profiling, and not to be subject to decisions based solely on automated processing. This right can be exerted in any situation in which the result of any violation produces legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affecting you.
  8. Right to data portability – you have the right to receive the personal data concerning you in a machine-readable format and have the right to transmit those data to another controller.
  9. Right to lodge a complaint – should the requested information not be provided on the basis of the access right mentioned above, we will also provide our motivation. If our motivation does not satisfy you, please contact us.
  10. Right to seek assistance from a supervisory body– you have the right to seek assistance from a supervisory body and have the right to claim other remedies such as for instance compensation for damages.
  11. Right to withdraw consent – you have the right to withdraw your consent to processing of any personal data we have collected.

The data we collect

Information you have provided voluntarily
When you fill in a contact form or subscribe to a newsletter, you provide some or all of this information: email address, name, surname, phone number – information we need to provide the service you have explicitly requested. This information is saved in a database that contains the time at which the form was sent, the IP from which you visited our website and your acceptance of our Privacy Policy, without which none of the forms allows for transmission of data.

Information collected automatically
This includes information collected by means of cookies and other session management tools (visits to our website). Such as for instance your IP address, your acceptance to the use of cookies, etc. This information is used to improve your browsing experience and to guarantee protection against cyber attacks.

Third-party information
We do not receive information from third parties.

Public information
We can collect data that is publicly available.

What we need your data for

  • providing a service you requested;
  • communicating with you to inform you of situations or changes that need to be reported;
  • improving your experience as our customer;
  • complying with legal obligations.

When using your personal data, we respect your rights and the laws in force and use is always subject to your consent.

In the event of a contract or if a service is booked, we process your personal data for the following reasons:

  • to identify you;
  • to supply a service or send an offer;
  • to communicate with you for sales or purchase of services and for the necessary accounting procedures.

In your lawful interest, we process your personal data for the following reasons:

  • sending customised offers;
  • to handle and analyse our customer lists, analyse their habits with respect to the services we offer and always for the purpose of improving the quality, variety and availability of the services that we offer directly or that we make available through our organisation;
  • asking our customers for their opinions about the services we offer.

Unless you withdraw your consent, we believe it is our lawful interest to contact your to offer products and services that are similar or identical to those we have previously supplied you.

Upon receiving your consent, we can process your personal data for:

  • sending you newsletters and/or occasional offers (our offers and offers of out-house organisations that we trust and that may be of interest to you);
  • other purposes for which we have asked for and obtained your explicit consent;
  • sending information needed by authorities for legal purposes.

We process your personal data for complying with legal obligations and/or in the event of requests that are motivated by judicial reasons. We reserve the right to anonymise personal data collected and to use this aggregate data for purposes that are not dealt with in this Privacy Policy. We record your payment data or other similar data only for the time envisaged by the regulations in force.

We may process your personal data for additional reasons, which are not dealt with herein, but which are compatible with the reasons for which data was collected. In these cases, we will ensure that:

  • connection between the two reasons, contexts and the nature of the personal data processed are actually compatible;
  • further processing of your data does not damage your interests and
  • that adequate precautions will be taken to guarantee security of this data.

In the event of additional processing of your personal data, we will duly inform you.

Who else has access to your personal data

We do not share your personal data with unknown entities. In some circumstances, your personal data are provided to third parties that we trust and for the purpose of supplying a better service.
We share your data with:

Persons in charge of and/or entrusted with processing external data:

  • administrative staff
  • staff in charge of supplying services
  • accountant
  • webmaster and email manager
  • other suppliers of services for performance of our activities (e.g. shipping agents, technicians, etc.).

You can ask the Data Controller for a complete list of the persons in charge and of the persons entrusted with processing of data.

We work only with persons and organisations that offer quality services and that ensure that any data entrusted to them are handled with the attention requested by the regulations in force. In the event of legal obligations, we may transmit your personal data to third parties and public authorities. As specified above, we may transmit your data to third parties when this is necessary to supply a certain service and, in this event, always in compliance with the provisions of the law and upon receiving your consent.

Security of personal data

We undertake to keep your personal data safe. We use safe communication and data transmission protocols (such as for instance the HTTPS protocol). We make use of anonymisation and pseudonymisation whenever appropriate. We constantly monitor our systems to prevent cyber attacks and avoid vulnerability. The website is provided with security software and the web space, rented from (you can read their policies here), is constantly monitored, also by the provider.

Despite these and other precautions, we cannot guarantee that the information hosted on the systems we have adopted are 100% safe. We however promise that in the event of a cyber attack, we will send the necessary notification to the competent authorities within the terms established by standards and we will all inform all natural persons involved. We will use all our endeavours to prevent and contrast any attempt to violate safety of systems and put ourselves at the disposal of monitoring authorities.

If you have registered a profile on our website (reserved only to website administrators), you must keep your access data secret.


On our website, we do not collect, consciously and deliberately, any data relating to children or persons under 16 years of age and we have no interest to do this for any reason.

Cookies and other technology we employ

Questo sito internet utilizza cookie tecnici e statistici per garantire il corretto funzionamento delle procedure e migliorare l’esperienza di uso dello stesso. Questo documento fornisce informazioni sull’uso dei cookie e di tecnologie similari, su come sono utilizzati dal sito e su come gestirli.


Cookies are small text files that sites visited by users send to their terminals, where they are stored to be transmitted to the same websites when these are revisited. A third-party cookie is, on the other hand, placed by a website other than the one the user is visiting. This happens because websites can include elements (images, maps, sounds, links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that reside on servers other than that of the site visited.

Types of cookies

Depending on characteristics and use, cookies can be classified in different manners:

– Technical cookies.These are cookies used for the sole purpose of “carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider of a service from an information company explicitly requested by the subscriber or User to provide that service” (under art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code). They are not used for any other purpose and are usually installed by the site owner. They can be divided into navigation cookies or session cookies and they are necessary to ensure normal navigation and use of the site; analytic cookies: similar to technical cookies used by the website manager for collecting information, in anonymised and aggregate form, on the number of visitors and how they visit the website; function cookies: they allow the user to navigate based on a series of selected criteria for the purpose of improving the service provided. In order to install these cookies, prior user consent is not necessary. However, it is mandatory to inform the data subject under the provisions of art. 13 of the Code, in the manners that the website manager deems to be appropriate (see the FAQ of the Garante).

– Statistical cookies.Statistical cookies help website owners acquire information about user website navigation. This information includes the date and time at which the User (anonymised) visited the website or access to contents chosen by the User (anonymised) during his/her last visit. These cookies may be considered in the same manner as technical cookies only if the website owner uses them for website optimisation, in particular to collect aggregate information on the number of users and how they visit the website. Under these conditions, the same information and consent rules for technical cookies apply (see the FAQ of the Garante).
In order to draw up the statistics for use of our website, we make use of statistical tools with a limited scope, which allow us to acquire information on how frequently our website is visited by users (anonymised) and on the contents that arouse more interest, as well as technical data for improving the performance of the website and of the server (waiting time for uploading pages, navigation errors, etc.). In this manner, we can focus on improving the website’s performance and on helping the user find what he/she is interested in more rapidly.The website can use the information collected to evaluate and make statistical calculations on anonymous data and to guarantee continuity of the service or make improvements. This information will not be used for other purposes.

– Profiling cookies.Profiling cookies (that we do notuse) have the purpose of creating profiles of users. They are used to send advertising messages based on the manner the user has browsed the Internet. Owing to the particularly invasive nature of these devices, European and Italian standards envisage that users must be adequately informed on the use of them and must give their valid consent. These cookies are described in article 122 of the Code, in which it is specified that “the storage of information in the terminal equipment of a contractor or a user or access to information already stored, are only allowed on condition that the contractor or the user has given consent after it was informed by the simplified procedures referred to in Article 13, paragraph 3” (art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code for the protection of personal data). This website does notuse profiling cookies.

Third-party cookies

By visiting this website, you can receive cookies from other sites controlled by other organisations (“third parties”). An example is the presence of social plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram, or systems for displaying integrated multimedia contents, such as Youtube, Flickr or Google Maps. These are cookies generated directly by the above websites and integrated into the web page of the host website visited. These plugins imply the transmission of cookies from and towards the websites controlled by third parties. Processing of information collected by third parties is regulated by the relative data protection codes, therefore refer to the latter. To guarantee more transparency, please find here below the addresses of the various data protection policies and the methods for handling cookies.

Facebook policy:
Facebook (configuration): access your account. Privacy section.
Twitter policy:
Twitter (configuration):
Youtube\Google+\Google Maps policy:
Youtube\Google+\Google Maps (configuration):
Cookie analytics

Here below you will find a list of third party services that we use on this website


This website uses the Automattic Jetpack plugin for sharing pages on social networks and for collecting statistical data on use of the site. We do not use promotion services or user profiling services, therefore all cookies created by this plugin are technical or session cookies.
You will find information on Automattic cookies here:


This collects information on visitors that leave comments on the website and that use the Akismet service for anti-spam purposes. The information collected includes the IP address of who comments, the user agent, the referrer and the URL of the website (along with other information supplied directly by the user leaving a comment, such as name, surname, email address and the comment text). This is an external service that we use to contrast spam and guarantee more security of the website and of the data it contains. You can read the privacy policy of Akismet Anti-spam here.

MailPoet newsletters and email service

If you have subscribed to our newsletter or if you are a member of our website (i.e. you can access the website’s back-end), you are very likely to receive our emails.

We will only send you the emails you have subscribed to or those dealing with services we have offered you.

In order to send these emails, we use the name and email address you gave us. Furthermore, our website registers the IP address you used when subscribing, for the purpose of preventing misuse of the system.

This website can send emails by means of the MailPoet emailing service. This service allows us to monitor opening and clicks on our emails. We use this information to improve the contents of our newsletters. You can read the Mailpoet privacy policy here.

Outside this website, no identifiable information can be tracked in any manner, with the exception of the email address.

Google Analytics

The website also includes components transmitted by Google Analytics, a service that analyses web traffic, which is supplied by Google, Inc. (“Google”). These cookies are only used to monitor and improve the performance of the website. For more information:

The user can disable the action of Google Analytics in a selective manner by installing the opt-out component supplied by Google on its browser. To disable Google Analytics, see:

Contents embedded from other websites

This website also includes incorporated contents (for instance YouTube videos, Instagram images, Google maps, etc.). The components incorporated from other websites behave in the same manner as if the user visits the other website.

These websites can collect data about you, use cookies, integrate further third party tracking and monitor the interaction with the incorporated content, including tracking of your interaction with the incorporated content if you have an account and you have logged into that website.

GooglePlus button and Google map

The website includes a GooglePlus widget and a Google map, therefore this website sends requests to Google servers to allow you to share our pages or to save and share our position on the Google map, using respectively your GooglePlus and your Google account.These requests show the IP address to Google, which uses it in accordance to the following privacy policy:

How long are cookies kept

Some cookies (session cookies) are only kept until the browser is closed or until you log out. Other cookies remain after the browser has been closed and are available during subsequent visits. These are called ‘persistent cookies’ and their permanence is established by the server upon creation. In some cases, they have an expiry date; in others they remain until they are deleted.

Cookie management

Users can decide whether to accept cookies or not by using the settings of their browser.
Attention: total or partial disabling of cookies may compromise optimal use of a website.
Disabling third-party cookies does not compromise navigation
The setting can be defined specifically for different websites and web applications. Furthermore, browsers allow you to enter different settings for proprietary cookies and for third-party ones. By way of example, in Firefox, use the Tools->Options->Privacy menu to open a control panel in which can decide whether to accept different types of cookies or not, or delete them. Rules on cookie management for your browser are easy to find on the Internet. You will find a few useful links of main browsers here below:

Internet Explorer:

As an alternative, you can control some third-party cookies using online platforms such as or For detailed information about cookies, visit

Contact information

Supervisory Authority
Phone: +39 06 69677 1

Data Controller
AVM srl
Via Don G. Andreoli, 55
I-41043 Formigine (Mo), Italy
Phone +39 059573033
Mobile +39 3357230439
Fax +39 0599789617

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy.
Last modification, July 29th, 2018

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